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Naked Thistles and ... well, does there need to be an "and"? (FFXI)

Ding BLU 30! YAY! Soloed from 1-30, other than two short parties. Need to find new XPing grounds for my next attempt (though I'm thinking I might grab another small party tomorrow for a short boost/break).

Can any of you helpful folks tell me what this says?

I replied through the translator apologizing and saying I didn't understand Japanese. He replied that it was a mistake, but how could he mistakenly /tell me? It's not like we had been talking earlier and he MTed to me...

"lol" I'm so evil~

The skull dropped on that kill, too. Heh heh heh.

I'm really anti-dying in the game, and with that in mind this number isn't so bad:

Total deaths in two years and one month of playing.

And now for the naked part~! I actually swapped a dat file out (now watch everything goes corrupt...), but it's so worth it!

Finally "naked hume male" actually looks sort of naked! Mmmmmm. I'm told there's a dat to remove the pants as well, but chest-only is fine and dandy with me.

And the best part of the swap? Seeing random half-naked guys here and there! Yay! Such yummy chests.
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