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Besieged rocks every sock in my drawer (FFXI)

By chance I left work 15 minutes early tonight, and I logged on just as the CS for Besieged was starting! Yay! Level 5, with two more level 5s right after it! Woo!

On one hand: I'm man enough to say I was wrong. Having mobs all over is nice and somewhat less laggy, and I was able to get back into "ground zero" (though I decided not to).
On the other hand: The Besieged change appears to have introduced a new bug, one which cost me (and many others) the reward for a whole wave. People randomly locked up and disconnected. Unfortunately for me it happened right at the end of the wave, so even though I never died once, did lots of damage, and got the killing blow twice, I got no reward at all. (I've been to other ones where there were 700+ people, and I never disconnected, nor did others in my party. Today many many people in my party alone (let alone around us) kept disconnecting.)

I got 700 XP and 659 XP for the other two waves (one death on the 659 wave), and had tons of fun. Part of me wishes that S-E would introduce a "beeper" service (you carry around a beeper RL, and it goes off when a Besieged is about to begin) -- I'd totally get out of bed, somehow get home from work, stop whatever RL stuff to go do it, that's how much fun I have at it. However, a bigger part of me hopes that they don't do anything like that, because I'd totally lose my job leaving so much. :P

Anyway, screenshots~!

I found love at Besieged! *nuzzle*nuzzle* (And darned it, I'm so tired of being short!)

After Besieged we ran off to do Eco Warrior, but some of our minds were still on the previous event. :P Deciding on mage jobs...

And lastly, this amused me so much:

That's the truth of it, and made me smile. HNM LSs are at each others' throats in other situations, but in Besieged they fight shoulder-to-shoulder. Then, of course, the real attitudes return:

*snickers* Dude, you cannot correct someone's spelling/grammar when your own is full of mistakes! But still, amusing. :D

Between Eco, Escort, and all these Besiegeds, I'm about a week away from being at the halfway point to having DRK XP totally capped. *boggle* I have no idea what I'll do with all my XP scrolls once DRK is full...
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