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I'm stupid but happy zzz (ffxi)

Bonecrafting from 57 to 59, yay fun scorp farming with Aurian.

Then it was bedtime, but I checked /bmap before logging off, and there was a besieged preparing! There had been another one preparing while I was home for lunch from work, but I made myself go back to work instead of staying home, so I didn't want to miss this one tonight because I missed that one.

Two hour passed and they finally started moving! Now, an hour later, we beat them and won! Yay!

It was fun (level 5, less than 400 people in the zone), but I should have been in bed three hours ago. zzzzzz Going to be so tired tomorrow.

Only got 602 points, which surprised me. I didn't die at all. Only thing I can think that I did "wrong" was maybe sat for MP too much. (My reraise was dispelled, so recasting it took a big chunk of my MP. I eat cookies and drink juice the whole time to try to keep my sitting to a minimum.) I stunned, meleed, and used my spells (both bio/poison and the absorbs), so I'm not sure what I needed to improve. Maybe I should have been faster about switched off from mobs I was missing lots on. Guess that was probably it.

zzz Long since bedtime, have to be up in a couple hours. So insane. So happy. :)

Ha ha, my Windows clock says it's Friday already, which I guess it is. Silly clock.
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