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Meh day (FFXI)

Another "casual" day... or maybe it was boring.

Besieged in the morning (because what's a day without a Besieged? 9.9 ), was actually harder than usual. 350 people for a level five was bad. Lost a lot of NPCs (including warp taru), four of five generals fell, thus we almost lost the Candysense. But in the end we won.

Then Sandy 9.1 (fight against two birds). Had only 5? (6?) people, but was easy as pie. Silly fight. Seriously. However! The cutscenes for 9.2 were amazing. I can't wait to do the fight and see the rest of the story. (Only thing is that after seeing a certain Sandy NPC in ToA mission CS, I fall down laughing at the idea of him ruling Sandy. "Oh, I need to sneak out! I'll put a rabbit in my desk chair and no one will know the difference~!". Yeah, you'll be an outstanding leader for Sandy, dude...)

Since lightning crystals are so expensive and I'm lacking them, I went out to farm. Five hours, and I got three clusters (all from one ele). How totally sucky is that? Tried a couple different zones (Q Island, Pashow, CL) but there was never thunder weather. Bah. Total waste of time.

And ended the night with another Besieged (because what's a day without a... no, wait). Had a couple hundred more people than this morning, so was lots easier.

Got 700 both this morning and night. DRK XP is just flying! I wonder if they're going to adjust Besieged reward soon. It's awfully easy XP/IS...
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