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Usual Monday: Eco and Escort. Need to figure out what to use my XP scrolls on (not DRK).

Two waves of Besieged after that. Undead and trolls. Got 700 on each wave, even though the second wave did that 'let's disconnect 50% of people in the zone!' thing. Luckily I got back on fast and had enough time.

I'm sort of torn about Besieged nowadays. It's sort of not much fun anymore. I do it every day (I can't remember the last day I haven't made one). The reward is really nice though... and I guess it's not like I have anything else I want to do right now, what with leveling no jobs at the moment. I remember when the starting music used to make my heart race, now I'm just like 'meh, do 2-3 WSs and swing a few additional times and I'll get my full points'.

Hungry, too. Missed dinner. Bah.
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