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FFXI and Lost

FFXI was okay tonight. Spent time with Des in Temple Ugh, popping one NM and camping others.

Our best luck was: 10 spawn attempts on Habetrot, and we got him once. Ugly fellow, isn't he? Dropped about 2K in cash and two Twincoons (each worth 150K). Luckily once I left Des had better luck with his NMs.

Besiegeds happened this morning, three waves of them. I've not caught one in a few days now. In theory I know they happen when I'm not there, but hearing about it annoys me/depresses me. It goes back to that whole 'People who can play all day, people who don't spend all day working, get so much further ahead in the game'. It's not fair, and yeah, life's not fair. Still annoys the hell out of me though. I really, really hate having to work all day, especially at a job I hate. So many people get to stay home and play all day...

Yay for angst.


Lost: Since I couldn't watch Desperation last night without playing, I'm watching Lost. Unfortunately I'm not really all that into it. Hour left to go though, so maybe I'll get more into it.

Edit: Locke is an idiot. I can't even feel sorry for him anymore. It's like a joke: Could he be wrong more often?

Got a new icon. I usually don't like animated icons, but this one just barely is.
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