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At some other time this would have counted as a good day, but I'm exhausted and (more importantly) stressed out of my brain, thus I don't think much of anything could have counted as a good day.

Snuck out of work early and broke the speed limit driving home (not to mention went in late to work so I could be ready, and spent my "entire" 15 minute lunch running back to Sandy to pick something I forgot up) to catch LS Garrison, which unfortunately started 40 minutes late. >< Event was fun, even though I had no patience for the actions of a couple people. The NPCs were amusing: A herd of NPCs chasing some poor goblin. A whole mess of them would tackle one gob, and all I could do is snicker at what that poor gob must have thought. (Though it's no wonder the NPCs needed our help. How about some armor? No one should fight in crafting stuff!)

We got a ton of drops (so many mannequin parts!), but no military guns, which is what we were there for.

Couple hours after that there was a Besieged. Yay for catching it, but boo for getting under the max reward for the first time in forever. >< 676, which was close to it, but close doesn't count. I sat for MP too long and only got two WSs in. Sometimes two are enough, but not when I rest to full MP. *sigh* My own fault, I let myself pay more attention to party chat than fighting.

Small amusing Besieged thing: I only fight a mob if it's down at least 25% HP, to try to make sure that I won't get hate. Usually that works. Tonight it didn't. I WSed for ~450 and got hate. Smart little DRK that I am, I ran for it. And ran. And ran. I kept running a loop through other fights, hoping someone would pull it off me. After three trips around (up stairs, across the walkway, down stairs, across back to the stairs!) someone did.

I'm sort of thinking maybe I'll XP BLU tomorrow, but the idea doesn't overly thrill me. Maybe I'll just do laundry and watch TV instead. Yay for four day weekends, because man do I need this one.
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