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Letter of the day: B! And Sylf! Look! (FFXI)

* BLU: Went from 35 to 37 in one party. Yay! Spent about 6 hours total seeking: Boo!

* Boat: Draque and I went to P-whatever Island and he helped me learn Venom Shell! Turns out the shelly mobs are EP- at 37, but still: Yay! Also got Geist Wall totally thanks to him. :D He pulled and killed an eft while I was resting for MP, it used it, and I got it! Woo!

Tomorrow I think I'll go after Pinecone Bomb again, the only move I'm overdue to learn. Then maybe back into the Tower for pots/dolls. That'll hold me till 44 when I'll need to tackle antlions and bugards.

* Besieged: Yay! I can't believe I got tired of these at one point. I think it was because I was tired with everything game-related due to RL stress. Two waves tonight! The first one was easy as pie (trolls). Even with 700+ people in the zone it wasn't too too laggy. Second wave (undead) was awful. It did that "Let's crash the game of 50% of the people in the zone!" thing, including me twice. I finally got back into the zone (it kicked me out) and promptly died. Somehow I still got 700 points! Got 700 from both waves, so yay!

Because Great Sword is now capped forever, I decided to switch to my (blech) Scythe to see if I could finish skilling it up. Because I was worried I wouldn't do enough damage/be able to WS enough, I finally got out my JSE ring and used it (TP regen). Oh my, was it nice! Between the ring, eating sushi for the first time, and I guess scythe's new faster-TP-getting, I had no problem WSing! Each WS was hitting for a lot less though. Spinning Slash? {Yes please!} Guillotine? {Too weak!}

Turns out the TP regen DOES have its own nifty icon! Take that, Sylf~ :D

Also a cool message when it wears off:

For the first time, I got hit by that move that removes all your clothing! :D *rolls and dies* Sexy snake women danced and removed my clothing. Too funny!

Lastly: Don't look at this screenshot! It's horrible! Worst Dressed Guy EVER. I didn't crop his name on purpose. No, that is NOT me.
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