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Blarg (FFXI)

Very tired of these depressing nights. Also very tired of the game being less fun than RL/my job. That's rather messed up. /angst (Wow, that's a lot of slashes in a small paragraph.)

Besieged tonight, all three waves. First one was fine (got 700 points).

Second one the server did the "Yeah, let's disconnect/freeze POL on a ton of people! That'll rock!" thing. Got back in time to kill enough to get all 700 points, but was still annoyed. On top of that, the second wave was undead. I encountered a new move from the ghosts: Perdition. Hello one-shot insta-death! Nothing you can do about it! You die now, ha ha!

Third wave was the worst. POL froze again. I get back on, somehow a &%*@!&) damned NIN mob &*%$&@)~!&0 two-hours next to me. I died. But wait! At the exact same moment, POL froze again! When I finally got back on, my reraise was gone. How's that for a big 'screw you'? Luckily some random guy reraised me. I got stoneskin/blink up, sat to "full" MP, got protect/shell up, and the wave ended. Somehow I got 100 points from doing that. Pity points, I'm sure...

Only productive thing of the night was getting NIN opened for Nai.

Edit: Rereading this post, it sounds like I'm rather angry. I'm too tired for it to be anger, I'm just stressed and unhappy with all this. I can totally and 100% handle the deaths (even instant deaths), but the game locking up/crashing/whatever is what really bugs me.

Over the four day weekend, I got eight hours of sleep a night. I really notice the difference in my reactions to stuff when I get my usual workday 4-5 hours of sleep. It makes me unable to deal with this sort of crap.
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