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*rolls the Wheel of Jobs* Big money! Big money! (FFXI)

Blarg. How was it that just a couple weeks ago I was saying 'I have so much to do on-game! No time to ever do it all! I want to level this and that and this, and do this, and do that!'? Now I log on and stare at my mog for an hour or two.

Another night with nothing at all I wanted to do, so decided to try farming slimes in Ko-whatever Tunnel. Why? I don't need money at all, but I've never tried to farm them, so I thought it'd be fun. Meh.

After that went off to the Canyon to shoot things (because shooting things is fun and I've not done it in ages), and it was somewhat better, but still boring.

Maybe I'll XP BRD tomorrow (I'm two levels behind Nai, so could catch up). Would a Dunes party be more entertaining than unnecessary farming? Stay tuned and find out! Unless the night is preempted by a Besieged, which would rock. (We didn't get one tonight, sadly.)
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