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Very good night and very bad night (FFXI)

First off, the low point of a long time (game-wise, anyway): Midgar lost its Candysense today. &$*#@&$)~&$#) Happened while I was at work. That appears to mean no more Besiegeds until it's recaptured (all night the /bmap numbers didn't change for the two non-defending areas). Seeing how Besieged is often the only fun I have many days, it really annoys me that it was lost. *mutter*

So I XPed BRD tonight, and had such stereotypical experiences: Typical Dunes party, typical Ko-whatever Tunnel party.

Oh my god, I thought I was going to cut my wrists over the Dunes party. All the worst things you think of when you hear 'Dunes party'. We got 60 XP per (slow, slow) kill (with XP band!) and people were going 'Wow! Such great XP!'. Damned idiots hit leeches not once, not twice, but three times! In 30 minutes! Why the hell do people party at the Oasis if you can't stop hitting the &%(@)&) leeches?! Of course, since I had songs on everyone, as soon as the leeches killed the person who hit them, they came after me. So I died. Three times. In thirty minutes. I actually made negative XP, with the XP band in effect! Impressive, huh?

But what made me leave the party was the leader. Two people were duoing (for XP) on "our" mobs, so the idiot /emote spammed at them, cursed them endlessly in /say, and was a general asshole. When he asked me why I left, I told him exactly why.

But then, oh happy day, I got invited to the Ko Tunnel party! 200 to 300 per fast kill vs 60 per five minute kill in the Dunes! The party was all JP other than me, which is always a bit scary, but it went really well. The Taru NIN died, well, a lot, but pre-37 that's a job trait for a Taru NIN. I actually enjoyed BRDing! So much to do! Not only did I get to do lots of songs, as I leveled up I had enough MP to be a more effective backup healer! So yay for not being useless! (Stopped at BRD 14, so I'd be even with Nai's NIN 14.)

Then after that we went BLU skill hunting with <3 Draque <3 again~. Got Venom Shell fast (and helped some other BLU we didn't know get it), and then we tried to get Geist Well, but failed. :/ We'll have to go back another time.

While we were killing efts, we found a NM! Intulo! He was fun to kill, and even better: we got the rare drop!


The thing I like least about BRD is how, um, un-manly I look while playing it. And that shot was taken while I still had a sword, too! Now I use an itty bitty little dagger. :( I'm so used to how good I look in my heavy DRK armor and with a giant great sword, BRD is just so... silly. "Run away, monster! Fear me! Otherwise I might sing at you~!"

And last, just just a pretty shot on the boat on the way to P-whatever Island. Even after 2+ years of playing, I still love how beautiful the game is. :)
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