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Money, money (FFXI)

Draque: I bazaared overnight outside Jeuno and sold both mannequin parts for 100K each. Some chick has both parts in her bazaar for 150K and 350K each (I forget which was the more expensive piece) but that seemed rather insane. I felt bad enough knocking the price up from 80K to 100K, but luckily they both sold anyway.

Draque and Aurian: The magic pants sold overnight, but I didn't have time before work this morning to send out the cash. I'll send it (Aurian's share to Nai) this evening.

Garrison was fun yesterday, though I felt guilty about getting feet and legs again... then even worse when feet (or legs?) were lost because everyone already had a set. Heh. Unfortunately no guns this time, so Bara will have to continue to live a nonviolent lifestyle~

Luckily Midgar got its Candysense back, but man, how it messed up Besieged. I used to be able to know pretty darned close how soon a Besieged would hit once a mob got to level 85 or so, but now! It took five and a half hours last night for the trolls to gain 15! &#$&&$ I logged on and they were at 92, which should have meant a Besieged in a couple hours, but I logged off almost six hours later and they were only at 117. *grump*

Very, very tired and I have no clue why. I've been getting extra sleep this week (almost every single night) yet still I'm exhausted.
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