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Choose Your Own Adventure! (FFXI)

I have no idea what I did today, so make it up! Really, I was more braindead than I've been in years (and it was totally my own fault). I spent much/most of the day farming, which was all my brain could keep up with. Boring and unexciting, but I couldn't handle excitement today.

Sometime around 7 PM I finally felt like I was waking up, so Draque and I went out to learn BLU moves together. I think we're matching now. He got Geist Wall, Awful Eye, and Mandibular Bite, and I got Bite. I love learning the BLU moves, I wish I liked XPing the job more. (Well, it's just XPing in general that I dislike, not anything BLU-related.)

No Besiegeds happened, which is fine and dandy. Had enough yesterday to hold me.

Couple more levels on BRD, then I'll go to Eco on it. Should be fun (and I don't recall seeing one there in the past).

zzz now
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