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Best Besieged Ever. (FFXI)

Lots of new icons! I uploaded a bunch today, but I still have 60+ spaces open. So insane! So many icons!


* Undead: level 5. (Nonplayers: 5 is the hardest level, and undead are the hardest ones to fight.)
* Players in the zone: 225 (A very, very challenging number. 450 would be better for undead, 750 would make it nice/a sure win.)
* Time besieged took: Over an hour. (I've only seen it over 30 minutes twice, and that was just by a minute or two.)
* Level of fun: Through the roof.

Only downside to it was a massive disconnecting near the "end" (30 minute mark) of it. ("Oh my god, oh my god. I was fighting for 30 minutes! I did tons of damage! Never died! I was set up for max reward, now it's going to end before I can get back and do anything!") When is S-E going to do something about these crashes? I wondered if it was me, but lots of people disconnected...

For the first time that I ever saw (and only second time on Midgar) all five generals were killed! Last one:

So we all ran there!

That's Candysense's home off to the left, I'm fighting right outside the door. (I had just reconnected, so I was doing everything I could to try to get points, even silly things like poison/bio on the undead.)

I'm .5 from having scythe totally capped! Yay! I'll cap scythe before I cap XP, which will mean that I can finish my Besieged DRK run with my GS (yay yay yay!). So tired of using a sucky scythe (and I can't believe I was ever excited over being able to do guillotine! Blech!). I'm kind of interested to see how Besieged will be as RDM. I'm thinking "easier but a lot more boring". I'll just run around and heal/haste people. Boo support roles. (Eh, boo for me. I'm happy some people like playing them! But I like hitting things.)

Last screenshot: A gaggle of paladins! Must be handy that they can do so much in their AF. (If you ever see a DRK doing anything in their AF, please feel free to point and laugh at them, then beat them with a brick.)

I was going to go work on skilling axe once Besieged ended, but I was too hyper to do something so boring. :P
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