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Yay night! (FFXI)

Fast post.

Garrison: Rocks! Ead's wonderful for organizing it every week. Got mannequin feet and legs again, two weapons, and an XP scroll! One mannequin part (legs) sold already! Hopefully the other will vanish overnight. Poor Bara still hasn't gotten a gun yet though.

After that went to kill those two rank 5 Quads for Nai and some random stranger who asked nice for help. How often to people ask nicely for help nowadays? So we brought him along.

After that was running around (a challenge with the Candysense gone! Warped to the far reaches of here and there!) and crafting.

Tomorrow: Dhalmel farming for bones to make the last piece of HQ bone armor I need, unless something bigger comes up. Oh, and farming another fang sack for next week's garrison, too.

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