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Yesterday: Got axe from 115 to 135. Still solo-skilling, but that's getting slow. I did something before that, but I can't remember what.

Today: Started out in the Dunes (as BRD). Had two different parties, and by some amazing luck, neither made me want to kill myself. The XP in the first one sucked major ass (almost never got more than 50 XP per kill, with band), but everyone was nice and it was mostly relaxing, so I just hung out. XP was better in the second one, and I got to 18 (my goal for the day, next time I'll hook up with Nai's NIN 18 and Dani's WHM 18). BRD is a very different job to play. I don't dislike it, but I'm not sure if I really like it. Still feels "silly" to me. I feel mostly useless, though from speed of invites (and invites while I'm already in a party) others clearly don't feel the same.

For the next 12 hours (yes, I am insane) I made bolts. x.x I don't need the money, but my crystal mule was overfull (80/80, 50/50, 30/30, and mailbox full) so I had to use them up. (I hate the idea of selling crystals, since I can make so much more money if I use them to craft.)

Looking at the prices at the AH, blind bolts seemed like the thing to make. They sell for 15K/stack, while everything else sold for 4-10K/stack. This was to later bite me in the ass~

I had three stacks of sleepshrooms, so I made them into blinding potions (HQing now and then). I figured that's how many boltheads I'd make. I made the animal glue, I made the ingots. Then I made all three things into bolt heads (again HQing). Then I made logs into lumber. Yay for using lots of crystals up! But oh my, I ended up with 3 stacks (99 each) of bolt heads! 297 heads, each one making 33 bolts. Assuming no HQs, that would be 9,801 bolts! And I HQed the heck out of them.

Using only two stacks of heads, I ended up with 8,901 bolts. o.O This is where the ass-biting comes in: Blind bolts just don't sell that often! And I have so many to move. Heh. I'll be selling them for the next ten years or so...

A stack of quivers currently sells for 150K, but I listed one stack at quite an undercutting to make sure it moves (there were four others listed). Even if someone bids low, that will still be some major profit. Let me see if I can figure out how much I paid for stuff, total. (Oh dear, maths.)

Very roughly, I'd say I spent 59K for all my materials. Poison flour (500 each) and bone chips (8K/stack) were the two biggest, and nearly only, expenses. Ingots were made for "pennies", I farmed the rabbit hides, and everything else was dirt cheap from a vendor (distilled water, crying mustard, etc). So even one stack of quivers selling for 140K will cover the total cost with a ton of profit, and I have six stacks of quivers and five single quivers, plus a whole stack of boltheads left. o.O

So in an effort to get rid of crystals, I made about 850K profit today (not counting that extra stack of boltheads). Unfortunately I hardly put a dent in my crystal stash, so I'm going to have to do another big crafting day soon. ...just not tomorrow. Zzzz
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