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Late, tired, but unlikely to be a fast post! (FFXI mostly)

There's a stupid bird that lives right outside my bedroom window. It starts singing at 4:45 in the morning. It's louder and more annoying than an alarm clock, thus I've been forced to get up at 4:45 for too many weeks now. Is it any wonder I'm more tired than usual? It's just annoying that it's taking a toll on the game -- I'm nearly too tired to do even basic things like farming lately. :/

Got lots done tonight: Escort (yay!), a few hours of farming and then made nearly two stacks of acid bolt heads from scratch (means I made the glue, the vitriol, the ingots, then synthed it all together), and lastly was another Besieged! Only one wave, luckily. x.x

Not only is Besieged fun, I'm so thankful for the chance to "easily" cap my weapons! Tonight was the last big one!

Important things:
, ,
Keep in mind I haven't been in an XP party on DRK since 73, so it's so nice to be fully capped!

Silly things:
-- Thanks for never voking, tanks~!
, -- DRKs don't get healing or enhancing skills, so I don't know how these two got capped. I don't recall seeing them blue before, but I guess I don't check my magic stats often...

2,800 more XP needed till that's capped as well. Yay!

Oh, and before Besieged started, I got myself a new toy:

Once scythe was capped, I switched to axe, but it's 100 levels lower than scythe/GS and I couldn't hit much of anything. Going to need to camp Jeuno and get myself into some skillup parties ASAP.

And lastly, a couple screenshots from earlier in the week. Bait & Switch is an amazingly fun series of quests in Bastok Metalworks. It takes seven weeks to complete them, one "leg" of it per week. The end of it was really, really fun, but I ended up hating myself at one point and loving myself at another. (Very small spoilers in those two screenshots. Personally I'd call it "no spoilers", but I'll say very small just to be safe.) And in the last CS of the quest, you get to see all the NPCs and issues from earlier weeks, all brought together (spoiler in this one). Such a fun series of quests, with non-sucky rewards! A reward each week! But it's the fun story that really makes it worth doing. :)

To bed with me now! zzzzzz
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