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Mr. Garrison! (FFXI)

Garrison is so much fun! We only got to do one round of it tonight, but still worth the prep and gathering time. Only got mannequin legs tonight (usually get feet and legs), but happily they sold before I logged off, so I didn't have to stay on overnight!

Made roughly 9,500 acid bolts today. x.x Unfortunately they sell for half the price of blind bolts, but hopefully they'll sell a lot faster. (There hasn't been a quiver or stack of quiver sale of blind bolts through the AH in two days now.) Have about 50 boltheads left to use up, then that will be it for bolt making for a while; I'm not tired of making them (amazingly), but I've run out of crystals! Never thought that would happen, since my crystal mule was overloaded just a week or so ago...

While getting ready to bazaar overnight, I saw the coolest armor! See? Mrrrowl! The guy was lucky I was mid-synth, otherwise I would have pounced him then and there. I don't believe I've ever seen that armor before! I love the "slats" on his upper arms. And he has the same sexy GK my NPC has! Eeee! (Usually I never, ever, ever check people if they don't have a bazaar up, but I couldn't resist in his case.)

Heh, I didn't notice his LS till just now. Was PV that HNM LS people were laughing at for a long time? The one where a BRD wanted to lot some non-BRD HNM drop and he didn't get it so he broke the alliance and it was lost? (I really should learn to keep track of HNM LS names, such interesting stuff/drama around them!)

Amazingly there was no Besieged tonight, and that was 100% fine with me. I needed a break!

Edit: Heehee, I can't stop looking at that screenshot. Could a DRK 75 take a SAM 75~? Or maybe we could get Ead to level SAM and then I won't need to go around molesting random strangers!
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