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Reason #473846473164981 why I hate Bastok~ (FFXI)

I spent roughly 547357639165471 hours in Gusgen Mines tonight, farming bone chips. I think the zone is the reason why Bastok people are all insane enough to actually like their newbie zones. If I see one more ghost of a dead child, I think I'll go mad and burn down all of Sandy's trees. Seriously, so many dead children. What the hell.

Other than that, I finished making my acid bolts. Ended up with about 10 stacks of quivers. Yay? Nope. Price fell by 50% overnight. WTF you idiot crafters. Undercutting by that much? Just how stupid are you? Whatever, they'll sell eventually at a better price. I'm not in a rush.

Also had just way too many run-ins with gilsellers. (I was stupid and brought some picks so I could mine while farming.) If the dead children aren't enough to depress someone mining there, the utter rudeness of the gilsellers would be. The few (thankfully so few) times I've mined in Oldtown, no one ever stole mining points. In Gusgen, stealing MP seemed to be the national sport. Sheesh.

All in all, a highly depressing night. I can't believe how sad the gilsellers made me (two wrongs do NOT make a right! I did not want to steal points from them! That would make me as bad as them) -- I didn't need the profits from mining, but I'm sure a lot of honest players there did, and I watched the gilsellers steal their points over and over again. While surrounded by the ghosts of dead children.

Wow, so depressing.

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