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Axe me no questions and I'll tell you no lies (FFXI)

Very productive day! Had a bad start though: I logged on to a Besiege already in progress. Yay? No, not really. The zone was apparently full, because I kept getting kicked out of my mog house. Over and over again. I was DRK/NIN with almost no armor on (and no shihei), so I didn't want to go in like that. But eventually I gave up on that and just tried to get into the zone to fight... no go. Finally I got in in time to make two swings and got a grand total of 72 XP. For a half hour of stress and being annoyed before 8 AM on a Sunday morning. Bah.

But things got better after that! A LS friend needed spider webs for skilling, and some of us needed skillups, so we combined the two! Oh my, the spiders outside Al Newcity are so amazing to skill on! I got 40 levels in about five hours, plus we got 34 webs (each worth, what, 50K?), and got over 1,800 in XP. Why go into the Tree to skill on crabs anymore? The guy who needed the webs was staff 220 and still getting fine skillups. I started at axe 163 and got amazing skillups. IS with our XP, XP bonus, amazingly better drops than crabs, and the best feature: Totally easy to get to!

I pulled for the whole five hours, and it was no problem at all. We sat in a "tunnel" and pulled from the big room it was connected to. Plus we got the amusement of watching those big elephant things chasing people to the zone!

I started the day at 163 but soon hit:

Rampage is so nice!

Okay, no where near as good as Spinning Slash, and maybe not as good as Guillotine, but at this point axe was still about 100 levels below GS and scythe!

Yay! Too bad I can't use this. But still!

Ended at 202, which made me really happy. 200+ is a respectable number! Now I won't feel bad going to events and such with my axes. And man, /NIN rocks so much! I was able to tank half the time! (Spiders were annoyingly fast though and would rip through both sets of shadows before the fight was even close to finished, so it was good I wasn't trying to tank alone.)

Two fomor spawned in our room, and we killed them over and over. Fomor are so cool! Fomor BRD walked off the set of a show for little girls... Dude, what's up with that wand? Going to call down the power of rainbows and love upon us? Ha ha, non-fomor BSTs wish they could do this, too! Baaaa!

And lastly, for Nai~! I took about 50 screenshots, but somehow arms or weapons always got in the way. Only two shots came out right. o.O Maybe the game was trying to tell me something? /welcome Nairua~!
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