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Naruto and FFXI

I'm so enjoying the dubbed Naruto eps! Some of the voices are not what I expected (Shino is very different from the subbed version), but even the different ones quickly grew on me. I'm discovering the same feeling I had when I watched the series for the first time: A half-hour ep (well, 20 minutes) is way way too short! I could easily sit through an hour or two of story. I'm so tempted to get out my DVDs and watch the copies I have burned, but then I wouldn't be able to enjoy it so much seeing it dubbed.

It's nice that even smaller characters, like Zaku in tonight's ep, get some backstory. I wonder if I thought Orochimaru was sexy the first time I watched the series? He's so totally working for me now. Maybe it's the voice change? But his face/hair is also very attractive. Plus, of course, that he's a strong, interesting bad guy. :D


FFXI! What a busy day! First off, after two years and four months, I met my first goal I ever had in the game: Back when I first started playing (April '04) I saw this cool weapon. I hadn't known what it was, but I wanted it! I wanted it so much! But it was soooo expensive, so I figured I'd never get it. While shopping for BRD stuff this morning, I thought about checking it and seeing what the price was, but I said to myself 'Nah, I don't want to spend many millions for a job I'm not going to take all the way'. So I resisted and resisted, then finally gave in and just checked it. 'But I'm not going to spend millions on it! Nope! I'm just checking! Really!'. Ha ha ha, it cost only 700K! I nearly fell over laughing. I guess a couple hundred thousand was "soooo expensive" way back then. :D Me and my first goal ever: Met!

BRD static (named the confusing " :) " by Nai~) met today! Funny, but I had thought that RDM was the busiest job in the game. I had figured that BRD was easier, since "refresh" and other spells were AoE. Ha ha, so wrong! It was so much fun, I never stopped moving! And recall how just a couple days ago I had thought I could melee while playing it? Ha ha ha. No time for that! Two songs on the melees, song on the mages, individual songs, songs on the mob, plus normal casting, plus curing! I don't see how BRDs can pull on top of all that without going insane! Heehee. Man, our group does well! Four LS people (NIN, NIN, WHM, BRD) plus we pick up two random DDs. Got two levels, and I'm about 1.5K from a third.

Two Besiegeds today. First one was easy Level 3... um, trolls I think. Easy win, and caped DRK XP! Ha ha, I had no idea the job turned blue and your XP box turned grear! I kept getting surprised by it all day. :D (Odd, I had a screenshot of my XP box greyed out, but it's gone. Oh well!)

The second Besieged was rough. Seriously. Level 4 undead, under 250 people in the zone. Generals died one by one. All five were dead, and we still had 40 minutes of fighting ahead of us. This was the 45 minute mark, all 5 generals dead. Look at all those unclaimed mobs running around! Bah. But amazingly, we won in the end. I have no idea how. I took a quick look into the Hall of Binding, and it was wall to wall mobs. Oh, and if your XP is capped, you still get IS. Yay!

After that I made bolts for Nai for about five hours. Unexciting, but I could relax and watch TV while doing it, which was just what I wanted to do.

And lastly Aurian and I went out skilling. Because I was dropped on my head as a child, I decided to work on great axe more. Gah, how in the world did I ever skill GS/scythe pre-Besieged? I hit GA 100, but I'm never skilling that weapon again.

And one screenshot: How in the world have I played for more than two years and never saw the northern lights in Qufim Island? Gah, I must have always happened to have my weather effects off there! So beautiful! (Don't mind the low XP number in the kill, we were on our last kills before moving to the Jungles.)
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