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*falls over dead* (FFXI, uninteresting FFXI)

Total waste of a day. I felt like crap all day, thus got nothing done online or off. I actually sat in my mog house for five hours straight doing nothing. x.x

Finally a Besieged hit and we lost bad and fast. Level 5 Savages, 250 in the zone (350 by the final CS). Generals fell one by one, and less than 60 seconds after the fifth one fell, the Candysense was taken. The first time I've been involved in a loss (and loss number ... 5? for our server).

NIN/NIN/BRD/WHM static after that. We rocked the jungles. Got two levels in just over two hours, including travel time. How is it that on Saturday I thought the job was so busy? Tonight I was falling asleep. Sing two songs on the melees, sing a song on the "mages" (WHM and me), sing one song directly on the WHM, sing one song on the mob, cast Dia... and that's it. I was backup healer, but with NIN, NIN, and THF/NIN, almost no healing was needed from me. Does BRD get busier later? Not counting pulling?

That ended almost three hours ago, and I've been sitting in my mog house since then, bored out of my mind. Caught up on my flist (*sob!* What am I going to do at work tomorrow?), read every webpage I could think of checking.

On one hand I wish I had gone out shopping or something today, but I didn't feel up to doing anything more than sitting in my chair and doing nothing. Worst part is there was nothing on TV all day! Since 8 AM, not one single show I wanted to see (and Tivo is long since emptied). I can't say I'm looking forward to going to work tomorrow, but at least it'll be something to do. Just hope I'm feeling better by then.
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