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Busywork (FFXI)

For lack of anything better to do, I decided to go to Norg to try to get a new starter SAM GK so I could work on leveling the job. Went there, talked to all the SAM job opening NPCs, none of them would take money. Hit Google, and the only pages I can find say you can only buy it back once you have AF1 flagged. Bah. I leveled SAM 1-4 with the 1 damage wooden GK, and it was the most painful pre-10 leveling I ever did. Took hours to get the first four levels, resting after each fight. I suppose I'll do 4-8 with a sword or something, then catch GK skill up later.

Since I failed to get the GK, I looked for quests to do in Norg. Did two. Killed time. Yay.

Hit the bottom of my things I want to do list, which left me with only chocobo digging. Why, oh why, did I ever start that again? I paid over 37K for two runs of digging (18 stacks of greens each) and got a grand total of: 3 iron ores, 3 insect wings, 2 flint stones, 1 bone chip, and 1 sprig of sage. Dug across four different zones, zoning on a regular basis. (Just 15-ish seconds delay after zoning, so I can zone as often as I need to.) So I paid over 37K for, what, well under 2K worth of stuff. Sigh.

I really, really wish there was something I wanted to do on-game. XPing is boring, questing makes me fall asleep. There's crafting I can do, but it's not fun and I don't need money, so why bother? Besieged is the only thing I have fun at, and even that has been getting dull lately (plus on work days I usually can't even catch one).


Played some Animal Crossing (Wild World) while staring at my mog house wall. While it wasn't any more fun than I recalled it to be, it was still much better than having nothing to do in FFXI.

Maybe tomorrow I'll go back to FFX for a while... or reinstall WoW? I was bored with WoW when I left and I don't exactly want to go back to it, but gah, I need some new hobby! It's getting to the point where I'm dragging my feet leaving work because I have nothing to do at home.

Wow, this was a complain-y post, wasn't it?
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