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*synth*synth*synth* (FFXI)

Spent most of the day synthing, or rather desynthing. Desynthed for six hours, then it was time to XP! Got two more levels on BRD, yay! After XPing I desynthed more! By the end of the night, I used up all but two clusters I had gotten yesterday. x.x (I had miscounted, I had gotten a whole lot more than 30 clusters yesterday.)

Since it was a full moon, I took a short break to go find a NM that pops only on a full moon. Nope, not that bunny in U-whatever Range, a dog! Sit Haty sit. Good dog. Got his drop:

At first I thought it was useless to me (rare/ex, NIN/THF 15, throwing, AGI +1), but then I realized that I need to skill throwing, so I can use that! At least as far as I can skill on NIN 38! (Plenty higher than my current throwing skill of 22!)

While in Jeuno I saw something that made me snicker out loud. How fitting is this? Mine wears DRK AF!

And lastly, I finally realized what the disconnecting icon in the new font looks like:
A pokeball! o.O Gotta disconnect and catch 'em all?
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