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Singing Unseen to learn scrolls about undead (FFXI)

Started the day with BRD XPing. 31-33. Everything went smoothly (5 LS people, 1 random). I enjoy XPing with friends, but I still feel like dead weight in the group. Sing a couple songs, then backup heal (which, with two NINs, is rarely needed). I did learn the dispel song today though, so at least that will be useful! (I keep telling myself that people fight to get BRDs into their parties for a reason, but I'm used to my contribution to a party being big damage numbers. BRD is the opposite of that!)

After that ran off to Castle Oz to help Dani hunt for a scroll. Ran into Coo Keja the Unseen again, and killed him. (No drops, but I got his necklace last time, so.) Unfortunately the scroll she wanted didn't drop, but I got two BRD ones. :P

Then came learning BLU moves for Boose! Some moves are just hard to get alone, so I helped him out with those. Unfortunately he had the worst luck! (Bad moon? Bad day? I wonder if those things affect learning at all.) Spent five and a half hours and he got only five moves. (Almost no travel time in that, too.)

And lastly came a Besieged! Undead, yay! Got a bunch of axe skillups (4 levels?). Got full reward. No mass disconnects even though it was undead and nearly 700 people in the zone.

Oops, almost forgot the other screenshot. Is it brave or stupid to be punching a bug this big?

Bedtime now, even later than last night. >< Need to get out of this habit!
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