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King for a day! Yay! (FFXI)

If I were to say a day where the only thing I did was stand around in a zone for five hours was a fun, exciting day, would you believe me? But it was!

BRD XP static tonight, but unfortunately Nai lost her connection. We waited an hour and a half for her, but she wasn't able to get back online. But! That was a good thing! (Eh, the waiting part, not her being able to get online.) All these HNM LS people kept running by (we were XPing at the zoneline in Behemoth's Dominion), and the more big kids I saw, the more I wanted to see what they were doing!

So once we gave up, I scurried back and changed to my main job, then ran back out! Even though I was now the same level or higher than all of them, I still felt like a little kid there. :P I kept expecting someone to ask me what I thought I was doing there! Heh.

After a couple hours, King Behemoth spawned! Yay! Everyone on LS warned me to stay back because of his AoE, but apparently if you can see him you're pretty much in range of his AoE. Heehee. So much fun! It took them about 45 minutes to kill him, and I saw the whole thing!

It was a little confusing though, because as far as I could see, they didn't use any melees. o.O I could have missed them because I was trying to stay back, but all I saw were RDMs, SMNs, and tanks. Maybe his AoE is bad enough that LSs wouldn't want to use melees?

This screenshot amused me muchly. I thought it was broken at first: What timing! I've been hit! Heehee.

I took about 40 screenshots, and couldn't pick just one to post here. On one hand, I wish I had gotten closer to get a better shot, but on the other I didn't want to die! This is about as close as I ever got, though now and then he ended up on top of me by accident. (Runs fast for a big thing!) The LS kited him the whole time, nearly till he was 1%. And last, I like this one because it's darker than the others.

I got the time of death for two LSs, because they had to go off and do other things. (Yay for being able to be helpful!) Anoat/Valor, because he had given me so much info about windows and stuff (I would have wandered off long before KB ever spawned if he hadn't explained how it worked). The other was Devilshortee, cause we do things with their LS sometimes and they're nice people. She hadn't asked for the ToD, and seemed happily surprised when I gave it to her. (Yeah, I know people don't usually share that info, but what would /I/ do with it?)

I got hit a lot (enough to get up to 96% TP, even though I rested for MP now and then!), but never died, so it was a great way to end the night.

Is KB a HNM? Or just a NM? If he's HNM, he's the first one I've ever seen in person! Yay! :D So exciting! Only way it would have been better would have been if I could have helped kill it, but still! Yay! Great night! He's such a cool looking mob, like a big angry cat!
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