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Furstrating day, but I'm laughing now! (FFXI)

Edit, non-FFXI: Okay, wow, tonight's So You Think You Can Dance opening? Coolest Thing Ever. The dancing dead! So cool and well done!


Details of the day below, but good stuff first! This song had me laughing out loud many times! The lyrics are there on the page, but don't spoil yourself by reading them, just listen to the song. Dark Knight Tales, all about being a DRK! I thought it was going to be one of those awful "funny" jokes about DRKs being emo and sucking and all that "original" humor I hear 4738247174017 times a day, but it's actually really funny and well done!

Link warning: Song has a good deal of cursing in it. Personal warning for Aurian: It's rap. But give it a chance anyway! It's good. :D


If the day had been in reverse, it would have been better. Logged on to a Besieged in progress (undead). Was fun, got 4 levels on axe (almost capped! Just 6 more levels!), and got the max reward. As usual, I couldn't get the XP part of the reward because DRK XP was capped.

The good news: That won't be a problem again for a long, long time. :P

After Besieged we went off to try again to get Diabolos for one of our LS SMNs. We tried before (the first day it was available), and failed/died two time. Tonight we died even more! Three runs, we never got him below 30% (30%, 50%, 30%). SMN, BLM, RDM, PLD, DD NIN, me/DRK. We're a LS group who has worked together a lot, and four of us had been a CoP static. We're a skilled group, but this fight really was impossible for us for some reason. I don't know if there was something wrong with our setup (other than it not being BLM x6) or what, but this just didn't work.

Three failed runs, five deaths, almost 6K XP lost (two R2s from reraise item, the rest were R1s). But the worst part is it just doesn't seem doable. XP can be gotten back (I was wondering what I would do in Besieged once axe was capped -- go just for the IS, when I have nearly 26K and nothing to spend it on?), but this just does not seem like something we can win.

I'm going to listen to the song again. Laughing is good.

Edit: Why don't I have a dark/depressed icon? Bah!
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