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Last post of the day, promise! (FFXI, zzz)

This will be fast, because it's late. That's too bad, cause lots of new stuff.

New chocobo digging: Either the amount of items in the pool has noticeably increased, or I got lucky and was digging before most everyone else. Since pools are usually emptied even when I hop on a bird the moment the servers come up, leaning strongly towards the former. Unfortunately the pools are fulled with crap. Pre-patch, I rarely got the most common items. It seemed like my "lowest item level" was set higher. Digging now, I got a lot more items, but none of the higher stuff I usually got and way more of the lowest I stopped getting.

Limit-wise? I didn't have time to really test it. Took out 20 stacks of greens, dug in 4 zones, got 78 items total. (Highest one was "uncommon" level, which is lower than usual.)

I tried digging in a new area (Woods) but was very dug out. Got 4 pine nuts, 2 pebbles, 3 moko grass, 2 black chocobo feathers, and 1 wind crystal. I got no new items in any of the other zones I dug in (Highlands, Canyon, M Mountain).

Absorb-TP: Tried it maybe 10 times tonight, on mobs up to DC (and three Besieged mobs). Highest was 58 TP. Got 0 twice on normal mobs, and 0 two out of three absorbs on Besieged mobs. Still, if there's a refresher in your party, it's fun.

Besieged changes: The new NMs are kickass. The Undead one charms a ton (as do other undead ladies). The Savages one is a &%*$#&@!0 pain in the ass (DRG, summons a pack of wyverns to help him, spams a breath move that does 500-700 through stoneskin). Both NMs would be a ton better if handled through ranged attacks or BLMs. Anything besides melees.

The beastman grew FAST. Like two levels in 30 minutes, when usually it would take an hour per level. On Midgar we just had two waves, and we're down to 1 general, with one more wave incoming. Very sleepy and grumpy, should go to bed, but might stay for the last one. Because really, I'm stupid and never learn from doing this in the past, especially on a worknight.

My only real grump with the update is one that should have not surprised me at all: A crapload of windower-related stuff is broken. Had to roll back to an older version to stop the game from crashing all the time, but more than that the lack of my TP being always displayed in the lower right is making me feel like I'm playing blind. I really, really like knowing what my TP is at all times, it's how I decide what tactics to use! And amazingly, I got used to the new font fast. I CANNOT STAND the old font! It's all fuzzy! Nothing's crisp! My buttons look like crap. How did I play with the default font for so long? :(

Bah, I should be in bed now. Stupid third wave of Besieged, attack now! DRK XP is almost re-capped! Oh, and since axe skill is capped, I went back to using great sword (in Besieged). Oh my god, everytime I WS, I nearly die. So annoying. Rampage is a couple hundred less damage, which keeps me from dying at every turn.

Tomorrow is BRD XP static, and if all goes well I'll get to eat the Raptor M-whatever song! Yay movement+!

Edit: Didn't see the troll NM. Was a fun last wave, all the generals died, but we still kept the Candysense! YAY! DRK XP recapped!

One last edit: (See, the problem isn't just staying up late for things, it's that I'm hyper afterwards and don't want to sleep.) Absorb-TP worked much, much better against trolls. It was so cool! I'd WS, absorb for 100+, and WS again! I could SC with myself! A DRK self-SC! (Spinning Slash -> Ground Strike = Distortion! Though perhaps the spell wouldn't cast fast enough? Hmm.) I wonder if this will be a big enough thing to make DRKs more wanted in parties? Either way, it's cool as hell!

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