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FFXI: Stuff

First off, has it really been a year since Fellowship NPCs were released? Wow. I was checking tonight's screenshots in my /ffxi directory and spotted two interesting file names from 7/24/05. line.jpg and line2.jpg. Heh. Such a rush to get NPCs! People (me included) spent hours waiting on lines! I could say "weren't we insane?", but we still do the same thing now.

Anyway, on to the post! Hit BRD 37 today, and either I was exhausted or the job suddenly got busier... or likely both. Two songs for general melees, special song for NIN, special song for COR, song for the "mages" (ha ha, we've only had plural mages once!), and now dispel is added into my bag! (I've had it a while, but this is the first time mobs we're fighting needed anything dispelled.) Lots of running around and trying to get everyone to stand in the right places. Lots of fun!

Raptor M-whatever-speedy-song is nice! Not very fast, but any "faster than norma" is better than none!

Picked up my pick of trials, which made me realize I could use that to have something to do in Besieged! XP is capped, all reasonable weapons capped, so I can solo WSs and clear it! Will it take a while? Sure. Do I have a while? Heck yeah.

Screenshots from last night's Besieged: Savages NM, Lamia NM, and it's raining mines! The mines would just plunk down on the walkway near you. I never saw one explode, though they were surprising enough like that! Appeared with grey name, not targetable.

Tomorrow (and the next day and the next day) I'm going to try to have no plans in-game (other than one evening doing Summerfest stuff with Nai).
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