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FFXI imitates life (FFXI)

Just like RL, I wish and hope and can't wait for time off, then when it arrives I'm bored because I have nothing I have to do. Tonight was the first night in more than a week where nothing was scheduled on-game. Yay! A day off!

...*wanders through various webpages because there's nothing on-game to do*...

There's just no pleasing me! Heh heh.

Made some bullets for Bara, but only half the amount I wanted to due to lack of iron.

Then went chocobo digging, and wow, most profitable trip ever. Ever, by a long shot. Part of it was luck: I was the only (or nearly only) digger in the Jungle for 15 minutes or so. During that time I got 6 ebony logs (10K each), 1 petrified log (30K), and 5 rosewood logs (5K each, if I were to sell them, going to keep to craft.) On top of that, a large assortment of other stuff. Too soon other diggers showed up and it was back to normal for our server (one item for every three stacks of greens) so I moved on. Went to the Canyon and from there to Meri Mountains. Picked up three (three!) gold beastcoins (20K each).

Unfortunately as soon as I hit item #100, I was "fatigued". Worst part was that I had about 15 stacks of greens left on me! And I appeared to be the only digger in the Mountains! $&#@$&

So on one hand, I agree with the people who say that chocobo digging was nerfed a hell of a lot worse than fishing. (Imagine fishing if you could only catch 100 fish in a 24 hour period, and you have NO control what fish those were. 50 rusty buckets, 45 rusty leggings, and 5 of the fish you were hoping for? Sucks to be you! Come back tomorrow!)

On the other, this trip was amazingly nice. (But recall that my first try in the new system was worse than usual.) Plus I can't kill my hand by digging for hours on end. Plus, as genomeffxi said elsewhere, limiting digging forces it to be a small part of your day instead of the whole day. (But on the other hand (woo, so many hands!) why can't I decide how much of my day to spend on something?)

So for me, the jury is still out. I'll keep trying a few more times and see how it goes.

Oh, and the new Striking a Balance quest in Whitegate? Slashiest thing ever. Those two guys were so cute! And so so so totally in love. I just wish one of them hadn't been an elf, because I kept getting distracted by his dress how long his neck was.

Edit: And I really, really wish Besieged would get fixed. Assuming it's broken. All our mob forces have been at 99 for days now, yet I'm told there was an attack this morning. I haven't caught an attack since Monday night! >< *pokes the numbers*
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