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Adventures are off the map, captain! (FFXI)

I wanted to take today as a relaxing day, but what to do? Decided to go fishing first. I don't fish to catch fish really, more to break rods. (They sell for more broken then fixed, silly people!) However, the fish I target to break them are like 20 levels over my level, so once in a blue moon I get a skillup! And today, for the first time in about 20 months, I actually leveled!

Then I went chocobo digging, and had good results again. (Current trip count: two good, two bad.) Got roughly 200K in logs that I'm going to sell, plus more rosewood ones I'm holding onto for crafting. Think I'll be sticking to the Jungle from now on, and just hoping I can catch windows with few other diggers.

After that was a Besieged, though it was more like "lol let's take candy(sense) from babies lol". 100-something people in the zone to start a level 5 undead, 300 people in the zone by the time we lost. Took only a few minutes, generals fell non-stop, and a moment after the final one fell the Candysense was taken. Was a lot more fun to do as DRK though, even though we lost.

Oh! While digging, I fell off the map! I did that "hitting zoneline while dismounting to skip the dismounting animation" trick, but instead of putting me through the zone, it tossed me off the map! I've never fallen under the docks or into the water or any off those places, so this was pretty darned cool!

I should be in Kazham, way further in than the chocobo NPCs.

Looking towards the zoneline. To zone into Kazham, people would walk towards me (but the zoneline was way ahead of me).

Dead party at the zoneline, WHM zoned in to help them. I was very tempted to /tell one and ask if they could see me or target me, but I was afraid someone would report me to a GM.

Eventually I just walked through the zoneline (going the wrong way, so should have remained in the Jungle), but was tossed into Kazham.

And lastly, another LS merit party! Just too bad that the Candysense was gone. Was very fun, and got another merit point! Yay!

Absorb-TP is the best thing ever. I out-TPed a hasted NIN as well as every other person in the party! I WSed twice per fight (sometimes three times) with a great sword! Oh my god, I felt like a SAM. "Oh, want me to WS now? *absorb* Ready!" If we had been SCing, I could have SCed with two different people. Such a change! So amazing! Thank you, S-E!

And lastly, a friend spotted me out meriting, and said:

(The context was basically that I never leave town, I mostly just craft and stuff.) It was a throwback to this quote, from almost exactly a year ago:

Funny how things don't change, huh? XPing has never been one of my favorite things to do in the game. Especially now that I have a job at 75, I'm happy to just craft and dig and chat and stuff.

Oops! And somewhere in there Aurian and I ran off to get my last portal! So I'm now 5/5! Yay!

Busy, busy day. :D So much fun! Going to be hard to go back to boring old work tomorrow.
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