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Efficient night! (FFXI)

Sometimes I think I like FFXI so much because it lets me accomplish so much. Take on a task, finish it, get paid for it! Making good use of my time = getting more things done = more reward.

Usual Escort and Eco tonight. 2K more XP for WAR! Yay! Once it's high enough level not to have to go to the Jungles I might go back to XPing it. Halfway through 28 now!

Last night (and around Eco and Escort tonight) I made bullets. I ended up with 8 stacks of pouches of iron bullets. o.O Some went to Bara and the rest I'm selling off. But man, that's a lot of bullets! (I had 17 stacks of iron ingots on me at one point!) I'm not going to be making them for profit again though, I couldn't HQ them at all.

And then: Chocobo digging! I'm actually doing it a lot more than I used to, and I'm enjoying it more, so does that make the nerf count as a good thing? It's nice to be able to hop on a bird, know I'm just after my 100 items for the day and that I should get them pretty fast, and then be done with it.

People said that it would be bad for new diggers, but I think that's probably incorrect. (More than any other craft, we have so little information on digging. What I write here comes from educated guesses and general knowledge I've picked up around the net.) There are three different rumored ways of leveling in digging:

1) You need to dig up some "test item" (there are lists around) in order to level. Complete BS. Been disproven by myself and many/most other serious diggers.

2) You need to make X digs or dig up X items. I don't hear this theory much anymore. I sort of liked believing it because it's easier than #3, but #3 feels more right.

3) Like in other crafts, you have a chance of skilling up a tiny bit each "synth" (dig) you make, but you must dig for stuff over your current level.

So if a new digger is starting out, and #1 or #3 are correct, they'll likely have a faster time of it. More items dug up = more chances to skill (or get that mythical "test item"). However, if it's #2, then yeah they're screwed.

But, if they're like me, they'll also be digging more now. Because know what? Using 20 stacks of greens and getting nothing but a single pebble and two insect wings feels like crap. But if you can get more, then it feels like you're not tossing your money away, so you'd be more inclined to go back again the next day. (I'm feeling bad when I miss a day of digging! Free 100 items!) Edit: Okay, yeah, this doesn't take into account if they used to spend 11 hours a day digging. :/

I'm not sure if today counts as a good day, mostly because I'm not sure how I'm qualifying good vs bad. It felt like a bad day of digging, but I made 40K+ profit. I decided to try digging in Bibiki Bay. My list said that a grand total of 6 items could be dug up there, much fewer than other zones, so I wondered if I'd get more of the "better" stuff. Unfortunately it turns out my list was wrong, ha ha. (It's 15 months old now, so that's understandable.) Mostly I got total junk, but I did get one platinum ore, so that saved the day! (Yeah, I said I was going to stick to digging in the Jungles, but our warp taru is STILL gone, so getting around is a pain.)

Post-nerf digging trips: Two good, two bad, one undecided.

As a side effect of all this digging, I now have about 15 stacks of bone chips. Ha ha, recall when I needed to farm those? I might have to start selling them off!

Man, I need more icons. I should go hunting some tomorrow. So bored with these!
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