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Fast fast post, but with a new icon! (FFXI)

This icon tickled me because :P is the face I use most. It's like it's made for me, except it wasn't!

Aurian, Here's the screenshot for you. Warning: Full-sized and uninteresting screenshot! I didn't resize it because I didn't want to wait for Photoshop to load for one screenshot. I'm in a rush!

Anyway, BRD static rocked, as usual! We're all still getting two levels a party! Hit 41! Yay! Plus we picked up a LS person to be our 5th, so we'll need only one random DD from now on! NIN, WHM, BRD, SAM, SAM.

After that went chocobo digging. Was strongly not in the mood for it (I had only one hour free after partying and before logging) but went anyway. Hit the Jungle, even though I didn't want to travel. (Catching the theme of this outing? :P ) Anyway, was good that I went. 8 rosewood logs (10K each, but saving them for crafting), 3 ebony (9K, down from 10K each), 4 petrified (30K at the moment, but 30 up). Sandy is flooded with these logs (30 pet logs? I've never seen that many up!) so I suspect lots of diggers are getting their 100 items from the Jungles. Hope prices don't fall too much.

Rounded out the day with a ton of muling (I spend more time muling stuff around after digging than I do digging!). Tried to shop for new BRD stuff, but ran out of time and forced myself to log off. Got only 4 hours sleep last night and 5 the night before, so wanted to head to bed early tonight, but failed. I suck!

Tomorrow: My own and perhaps other various AF1s, and the Summerfest event thingie. Also, camping the AH for a BRD staff I need.
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