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Posts that obey no speed limits! (FFX)

Yes, for the millionth time in a row, I logged off late and thus will be making a speedy post.

Summerfest: Did both AC2s (easy and hard) with Nai. Was no where near as annoying as I thought it would be! I hated the in-town version of the quest, and I hate dodging aggro, so I should have hated the event, but it was actually sort of fun! Must have been the company~! <3 Nai

Mission: Did the acid farming, trip to mouse city, and NM fight tonight. Woo! Such a fun story! We had no tank for the fight so it got a tad dicey here and there, but was oodles of fun!

Due to the Spiral Hell quest, I have, um (how to say this without spoiling)... my reaction to fomor-type mobs isn't typical. I felt so sorry for the fomor NPC in the CS! Poor poor poor fellow.

Digging: Oh my god. For the first time in a long, long, long time, I actually tried digging in the Desert. (It was an impossible zone pre-nerf, always 5-10 diggers there at any hour of the day.) While it was harder to dig (I brought 30 stacks instead of my usual 20, and still ran out when I had gotten only 80 items), it was worth it! $$$$! 3 platinum ores and a philosopher's stone (each 60K), plus a bunch of things like wyvern scales and other good stuff!

I'll no longer be tracking if the digging "nerf" was a good thing or a bad thing. While I understand that it did hurt a lot of the serious diggers (and digging bots), it's been amazingly good for me. Pre-nerf a good digging trip was breaking even for my greens cost. Now? I can make over 200K for 30 minutes of non-stressful, easy work!

Then a Besieged hit (level 2 undead) and not only did I get full reward as BRD 41 (and no deaths!) I got songs to stick again! Heehee. Have to stop doing that though, because getting hate at 41 is a bad bad bad thing. So that's 700 XP so far, and I was about 4K behind my static, so just need a few more to catch up! Especially once we get back to level 5s/700 rewards. (Edit: I'm actually having fun going as BRD, so I can almost hope to die now and then so I'll need the XP! :P It's fun chasing people down and cursing them when they run off mid-song and ordering "You stand there, don't move! Just wait, one more song! *sings* There, now shoo! Get to work!". Heehee.)

I never would have believed it until I tried it, but a level 40-ish person CAN actually be a help! I healed a mess of people, threw out protect/shells, and sang for my party when I could safely get to them. I healed a bunch of people back to full once weakness wore for them, which meant they could get back to fighting sooner!
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