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Zoom! (FFXI)

Another late night, but at least tonight I have the excuse of wanting to stay up to watch SGA!

In theory, I had more time online tonight, but somehow I ran out of time in the same way I always do. It was a relaxing night at first, but the later it got, I got the more rushed I became. Heh.

Did a mess of farming (killing bunnies for their hides to make glue -- I'm up to 24 stacks of bone chips! I must process them tomorrow, no matter the moon). Was out of ice crystals so went out to farm "a few" and ended up with more than 30 stacks of them. When my crystal mule is full. >< Used some of them to craft, but didn't even put a dent in them.

Ended the evening with digging. Somehow getting two gold ores has become a "bad" night. Heh. Pre-nerf that would have been outstanding! The Desert sucked ass though. 35 stacks of greens (20 is my normal, usually with some left over), and still I didn't even get 70 items. Way too many diggers, but I couldn't come back later since it was so late (and didn't want to go elsewhere). When my greens ran out and I had to leave anyway, I ended up going to the Canyon. Unfortunately ended up with crap (insect wings, yet more bone chips, etc).

Bringing 100 new items in a day for every day this week has killed my mules. Seriously. Every one full safe, storage, gobbiebag, and stacked up in the in-box. I'm going to have to spend the weekend crafting everything and hoping stuff will sell. I really want another mule, but I'm resisting. I already have too many. :/
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