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Movie and FFXI

By chance I happened to catch City of Angels on HBO today, and oh man, I had forgotten how much I loved that movie! I'm not usually one for love stories, but this one was so sad! And it actually had an unhappy ending! (How often do movies have anything but a happy ending? Especially a love story?)

Nicolas Cage had the perfect face for his character, so naive and innocent and inexperienced and nice and good and curious. And while Meg Ryan usually does nothing at all for me, she really worked in this role.

I've mentioned before that there's very little music that I like, but I loved every single song used in City. Iris (Goo Goo Dolls) fit so well ("And I'd give up forever to touch you") and Angel (Sarah McLachlan) was so sad!

For me, the sign of a good book or movie is how long it sticks with me. City ended almost 12 hours ago, and I still can't stop thinking about it -- how sad it was, how unfair it was, as well as points other people brought up (a fellow on our LS mentioned that angels who give up being an angel tend not to have good things happen to them, which I hadn't thought about before... but that makes it even more sad! Shouldn't God want everyone to be happy? And being in love makes people happy! Nick Cage's character (the angel) said he wasn't sorry he made the decision, even though his love died a couple days after he became human.)

Ha, a movie making me think about religious stuff.



Long and mostly unexciting day. Was online for 16 hours, and spent nearly all of that doing nothing but defensive crafting (to make space) and moving stuff around. Not very exciting, but needed to be done, and succeeded! I now have slightly more space on my mules! Let's see how long that lasts... (Hint: I got four stacks of bone chips while digging tonight!)

Other than the digging, I didn't leave Jeuno/Al Zahbi at all, other than once to go camp a guild in person. Digging was okay (back to the Jungle, since Ead can use petrified logs and I need more commodes to make space -- rosewood logs = free commodes!).

Besieged was fun (level 3 Undead). Got full reward as BRD (500 points. Note to self: 1,200 XP on BRD total so far).

Wonderful mirramithra sold me her Chanter's Staff, and at a discount, too! <3 <3 <3 Now I can stop camping the AH! Was so annoying to have to come home from lunch on workdays to check for it.

And lastly, when did I come to like the BRD job? I actually missed XPing it today, and I'm having a great time playing it in Besieged. It's a pretty darned handy job, so yay for coming to like it!

Oh heck, almost posted without the screenshots. >< I finally got them edited and here I go forgetting them!

I love ToAU SO SO SO SO SO much! So much more than CoP! So many fun NPCs!

(Click image for more Naja goodness.)

The sad mission fomor we had to kill. ; ;

Eek! Big scary fishies! I spent a halfhour or so just standing there listening to the noises and watching the fish and other undersea critters.

Funniest fireworks ever.

And this made me giggle: Oh no! You charmed the level 41 BRD! Run, all you level 75s! I had been mid-song when I was charmed, and I trailed notes behind me the whole time she had me (a good 30 seconds or so). Heh.
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