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Here thar be pirates! (FFXI)

High points of the day were re-doing the ToAU NM battle and doing the BC battle. For the NM battle the three of us joined forces with three random JP folks, but was still a close fight (WTF? 6 75 level folks (PLD, WHM, BLM, DRK, BST, and something else), and our tank still fell into the red? On a mob that others have duoed with ease?) That set the tone for the day.

We won the BC, but by the skin of our teeth. It was seriously embarrassing, but in reviewing the video I don't see any big reason why it went so badly. We were perfectly fine when the captain and five others spawned, but things went downhill fast then. I think from now on I'm going to go DRK/NIN for everything important. If I had had shadows, I wouldn't have died. (Tank died, I got hate, ate a WS, died. Shadows could have prevented that!) I have no idea at all why I thought I should go DRK/THF. Our DRG (<3 Aurian) killed the captain herself while the rest of us ate dirt, so it counted as a win no matter how it felt.

Depressingly, Naja apparently thinks all DRKs should wear what I wear, because she accepted my clothing right off the bat. That made me even more sad, because I had wanted to have to play around and try on all different things to see what she would like on DRKs.

Other than that mission stuff, all I did was more crafting and muling. Mules are stuffed with crap again, and nothing is selling fast enough.

Digging sucked ass. Seriously. I must have used four times the usual greens, yet still I had to go elsewhere to finish getting my 100 items. (Used ~70 stacks of greens in the Jungle, over the space of three hours. Kept taking breaks and coming back to try to catch a window with few diggers.) At one point I burnt 30 stacks of greens and got only 2 bone chips, but I was so angry and annoyed that I wasn't about to go elsewhere. Very stupid, yes.

So all in all, the day could have gone a hell of a lot better. Bah.
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