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Don't try this at home! (FFXI)

[Warning: On posts like these, I feel the need to add a warning. I'm a high level digger, and it takes years (no exaggeration: years) to get to high levels. Don't expect to hop on a bird and get results like this without putting the time in first.]

Good day! Nice change from yesterday's bad day! You might even say the day was golden~.

Was waiting in Rolanberry Fields for our Escort party to gather, and happened to have some greens on me (grew them in a pot, ha ha), so figured what the hey. Might as well try digging. I never, ever, ever dig in Rolanberry on purpose, but since I was just waiting around and didn't even have to pay for the greens...

First dig: Gold beastcoin! And amazingly, nearly every other dig got something! Nothing else good, but I must have been the only digger in Rolanberry. Just wish I had had more greens!

After Escort ended I couldn't decide where to go. Trying to sell logs in Sandy is pissing me off (prices drop 1K per day on everything and nothing is selling!) so I wasn't about to go to the Jungles and get more logs. No where else I really wanted to go, and had lots of time, so figured I'd go to the Desert.

Went there, and amazingly I was the only digger in both East and West. *boggle* Two plat ores (60K each), p stone (50K), gold ore, a stack of wyvern scales, and so much other stuff! I could have died of happiness!

The only problem was that I had expected my usual Desert experience, so brought 35 stacks of greens. I used less than 20. I'm going to have to go digging first thing tomorrow, I suppose!

And on a non-digging note: I went to this week's Eco Warrior as BRD, and it totally didn't work out. No Ballads for the mages (level cap), and fights were over before I could finish a song. RDM works out much better, so I'll be going back to that next week.

Oh! And I totally forgot. Besieged hit as soon as I got home. Level 5 Undead. Started with 200 people in the zone, ended with just barely over 300. No surprise that we got our asses kicked. The Candysense is gone. Again. >< Got "full" reward for a lost level 5 (350). So very annoyed, this was the first time (that I saw) that we got up to level 5 after the Candysense was taken last time! DRK XP is no longer capped, and I still need more BRD XP to catch up with static, so it really would have been nice for Besiegeds not to end! (Note to self: 1,530 XP on BRD total so far.)

As much as I post about it, you'd think I could spell "Besiegeds" without stopping and frowning at it and wondering if I got it right. It just looks funny being plural.
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