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Zzzz day (FFXI)

Tuesday is usually a BRD static night, but we're on break now, so it's free. That's handy, as I was too exhausted to do much tonight (except exercise, which made me even more exhausted. Zzzzz).

I totally wasted my 100 items of digging, but it was partially on purpose -- half because I was too tired to actually travel anywhere good to do it, and half because my mules are too full to hold more crap to sell. I happened to be in Rolanberry with the greens I had left over from yesterday, so I dug there. Got 24 totally junk items. After that I decided to try in the Woods/Thicket again and see what might be there.

The answer? Grass. Lots and lots and lots of grass. I got a couple high end logs (last thing I wanted! Gah! Shoo! No more logs!) and a few blue stones (3K each, blech). Even with selling the pet log for half price to Ead (eh, I meant to check the AH and make sure our price is still half price, they might have lowered in the last few days) I still covered the cost of the greens, but it was sad to get nothing really good. (Petrified logs are probably rare/very rare level in the new area, but grrrrr, no more logs! I'm packed full of them!)

Other than that I took some time to fish (how is it that I'm starting to like fishing? At least in doses small enough not to make my arm hurt?) and (unsuccessfully) camped the guild for cheap steel so I can level smithing further (not that the 74875375017501 lances I made the other day have sold yet...).

Logged off very early. Too hot and tired to remain sitting upright. Zzzz. Sleepy bedtime now.
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