Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

Yay day! (FFXI)

I'm such a cheater! I finally downloaded the new model viewer and, among other things, it has all the music (up to CoP). I'm listening to the Jeuno Christmas music! It's so wonderful! I hate Christmas music even at Christmas, but Starlight Celebration is so nice I'll happily listen to it anytime! (I've been poking through the music section because I really want to switch out my mog house music. I've hated that tune from the very first day I played, and it has not grown on me one bit. I just need to find where various files are located...)

Too early this morning, BRD static! (After staying up an hour and a half late for Besieged, my darned cat woke me up at 6 AM! Gah! Was so so so tired all day!) But no matter that I was tired and we were all a little rusty after our break, we rocked! It's nice having 5 LS/static members and only needing one random. Started with a COR, but he DCed without warning so we picked up another SAM. (Core group is NIN, WHM, BRD, SAM, SAM.) SAM x3 was fun! Got two BRD levels! Yay! Boy the job has grown on me fast, liking it so much! Such a nice change!

After that was dead tired so farmed in Davoi for a long while. Was hoping to stumble across some NMs while farming, but didn't. Did get two treasure chests though! Nothing good in them (4K and 6K), but still: Fun and exciting!

Did a little fishing (5 broken rods, 0 fish, 0 skillups, 1 20K lure lost >< ), and got chocobo digging done (Meri Mountains again, 3 gold beastcoins, didn't want to deal with the more popular spots during the weekend).

And then: Shopping! BRD is such an odd job, I worry I'm not making the right decisions armor-wise. (As DRK, I knew you need to balance things. ATT needs STR to support it, ACC needs DEX, etc. I have about +24 CHR, am I supposed to get something else to balance/support that?) But, for once, I'm actually using BRD as my "look good" job. Usually I say "function > form" and run around in a subligar for 5748357327501 levels. But not on BRD! So, as part of that:

I know the Crow body might count as better stats (Crow: DEF 28, evasion +8, enmity -8. Scorp: DEF 40, accuracy +10, evasion +10, HP +15), but I've always wanted to wear a scorp harness! It looks so nice! And since I'm in a static and won't end up with a loltank, I think I can survive without the -8 enmity. Now I just have to wait to wear it! :D

All in all, my armor is disturbingly non-armor-ish. Where's the metal? And it's so... so... colorful. c.c Rainbow cape of many colors! And check out my new sash. c.c

And last but not least! I cheated and checked out how my BRD armor will look on me! Just changed my job to DRK and put it all on~! Oh my god! The harness actually makes the opo-opo crown look good! (Don't mind the pants, gloves, and boots. I have no clue what those will be in the future.)

Eee! Love the harness! It looks so good on me! I just hope it's not too too bad of a choice stats-wise. But it looks so good! (Is it disturbing that I want to lick my own shoulders?)

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