Thistle (thistle_chaser) wrote,

The most boring day ever... so let's have some RL, too!

RL: I hate the weekend... food-wise, at least. Usually on Friday nights I stop and get some sort of dinner to take home, but lately I've not felt hungry when leaving work, and then the moment I arrive home I'm suddenly starving (but of course don't want to go back out).

Between yesterday and today, I ate a grand total of one meal. Oh no, that doesn't mean I haven't eaten anything all weekend, it just means I ate lots of little bits of junk here and there. >< That's NOT what I want to do, but weekends are so structure-less I can't seem to make meals happen. Bah.


FFXI: Was on-game about 14 hours today, yet did nothing. Nothing! Or nearly nothing. Did my daily digging (Jungles, prices of petrified logs have now fallen more than 50%! 14K each, down from 30K! AH history had them as low as 10K yesterday! Gah! If philia couldn't use the logs, I'd never go back to the damned Jungles again. Pet logs used to be the big money item! Grrrrr!). Went fishing (caught 6 fish (!!!), broke 5 rods, got one (.1) skill up).

That's about the grand total of my day. Went skilling archery at one point (had to do it as RDM, ha ha). Got 10 levels in about an hour. zzzz

Didn't farm, didn't XP, didn't do much of all. Bought all my BRD songs until 60 (so many songs! BRD is so insane, getting at least one new song every single level!). I could have farmed 2-3 of them, but didn't feel like it so just bought them.

Oh, the one good thing I got done: Switched out my MH music! Finally I can stop turning off my speakers as I zone in! I used the Heaven's Tower music because it's nice and I never have any reason to go there so I don't get to hear it. I wanted to use the Nashmau music, but I have no idea where that file is.

Can't wait to go BRD XPing on Tuesday!
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