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Life on Mars and FFXI

If you happen to get the BBC America channel (or know where to download shows on the net), you really should check out Life on Mars. The basic idea is that a cop gets into an accident and is in a coma, and wakes up back in 1976 (I think that's the right year, in the 70s). It's interesting for so many reasons, including the characters, the look back at the 70s (even if it's the 70s in England it's still really interesting to see), and how they keep adding bits from his "real world" into his 70s world (voices from (we assume) those standing around his body, etc).

The quality of the show is really high, too. I was watching an ep and commented to myself 'Wow, her eyeball looks great, so realistic!'. Have you ever noticed an eyeball in a TV show before? I haven't, but it just looked so good, the lighting was perfect, so many details, and all that. (It was just a shot of her face while she was talking, so not like an intense close up of her eyeball or something.)

The only way the show would be better (for me) was if it were set in the US instead of England. I'm sure if you know modern day England things would be even more shocking and different. But still, even with that, I look forward to watching the eps every week!


FFXI: Got two levels in our static, but it felt like we got them by the skin of our teeth. (Though in truth we got two levels plus everyone has a buffer.) We were in a sort of "in between" level and the mobs were a hair too easy for us (except those that were a hair too hard!).

You'd think that 1 random in a party of 5 LS people couldn't be that bad, but we had a couple of winners tonight. One person I booted before he even made it to camp ("lol oil? why i need that? got whm or rdm?"). Traded him for a SAM two ranks higher, but no better. I swear to god, he must have been an XP bot.

Me: Sleeping mob! *sing*
Him: *autofollow on mob* *hits*
Me: >< Sleeping mob! *sing*
Him: *hit*
Whole party: Stop hitting the damned mob!
Me: *sing*
Him: *hit*

Hopefully next week our random DD will be better.

Digging: Had no time at all, so went back to Meri Mountains. I like that zone when I have no time because it doesn't leave me with a lot of crap to mule. (I drop most of it.) Got the usual three gold beastcoins.

Logged out in Selbina. The fishing contest ends at 1 AM my time, so I want to log on before work to see the results. I know I have little to no chance of winning, but I can't stop hoping anyway. Such a silly person I am! *crosses fingers*
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