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Meh night ...but now with more kittens! (FFXI)

philia found the cutest kitten picture ever!

FFXI: I started my "earn a second Lu's fishing rod" plan tonight, but gah, don't know if I really should do it. Moat carp fishing is the most boring thing ever! I got four stacks tonight, but don't know if I can get 880 more stacks. >< Plus a stack sells for 10K, so if I were to fish all those carp up again, it'd be worth about 8.8 million... which is the current selling price for the rod.

On one hand, I'm kicking myself that I don't still have mine. But on the other, I'm not really sorry I sold it. (The money went to get me my best piece of armor I have: my Hauberk +1.) The only thing I am sorry about is that I sold mine for 4 million and they're worth 8-9 million now.

I really cannot justify paying even 4 million for a fishing rod, let alone 8-9 million. If I don't earn a second one by fishing up the carp, I'm not going to get one. Do I really need one? No... Would it be worth it to do months of boring fishing to get a new one? Probably not...


Digging wasn't so hot tonight. There were actually other diggers in Meri Mountains. >< Shoo shoo! My zone! (And probably my own fault for posting about it so much.) Got my three gold beastcoins (one was the very first thing I dug up!), but that doesn't feel special anymore.

Both last night and tonight I only got 90 of my 100 items. Ran out of greens both times, and couldn't justify buying more, tele'ing back, and paying 2-3K for a bird when I would likely only end up with more pebbles and insect wings.

Only productive part of the night was taking Boose to learn Hecatomb Wave. He got the move, so yay! Damned demons link from way, way, way too far away though. Was very amusing that they kept using Soul Drain on me; silly demons, Dark Knights have no souls! We gobble 'em all up before we hit 50! {Souleater} {You can have this.}
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