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Kitty cat and FFXI

My cat is pretty sick, and at the moment she's throwing up every day. Unfortunately today she threw up in the middle of my bed. >< The only slightly positive part of this is that she knocked down my pillows to sleep on, but she didn't throw up on those. I hate to lock her out of my bedroom during the day, but I might have to.

SG1's 200th ep might be the funniest hour I've ever seen on TV. :D

FFXI: I spent most of the evening cleaning my RL desk. Take that, FFXI! I got ~2 hours of sleep last night, and was too tired to do much of anything on-game tonight.

Fishing: Broke 4 (of 5) rods, caught 1 fish, 0 skillups. Boo.

Digging: Since I had tons of time, I said 'I'm going to the Desert and I'm not leaving without cool stuff!' Took 30 stacks of greens (usually I use less than 20). By the time 10 were used, I had two bone chips and a couple zincs. Left. Went to Meri Mountains and got 5 gold beastcoins.

After that, packed for BRD XPing tomorrow. Discovered that I can't use my new head armor till next level (6K XP away) and I already got rid of my old one. Ha ha, I suck! Naked head until I ding!

Only four prisoners left in Beastman hands, and the warp taru is still gone! Grrr. Hope he'll be back by tomorrow morning.
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