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Ow ow ow

Either I pulled more muscles than I first thought in my sleep last night (isn't your body supposed to pretty much freeze when you dream?) or I pulled lots of things while getting a new water container onto the cooler.

For some odd reason, my water service company puts these caps on their jugs that are impossible to get off. (Or heck, maybe it's just me. Since I type nearly 24/7 I tend to have weaker hands/fingers/wrists. You'd think stronger, but no. I hurt them easily outside typing.) Both my hands hurt (opposite my palms, sort of -- the flat part before your knuckles, plus a number of my fingers hurt, and my wrists/lower arms. And when I move my right arm, my shoulder makes an odd clicking noise.

You'd think by all this that I climb mountains every afternoon...

Wow, I complain a lot. :P
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