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Ding BRD 50! And chocobo chicks and stuff (FFXI)

Ha ha. I got an error while trying to upload tonight's screenshots. Apparently I have 260 megs of FFXI screenshots online! How wacky is that?

Scurried home from work, sat down, found a random DD (PUP this time) and got XPing on BRD! We actually got two levels again (48 -> 50 for all of us except one), so yay! BRD 50. Wow, that sounds so high!

Quite embarrassingly, it was discovered that I was missing an instrument. Even worse, it was for one of the main songs we use. >< But when it comes down to it, who could blame me? I have 10 instruments! That's like being upset if someone with 10 kids lost track of one of them! :P

Like father, like chick! My chocochick is a BRD, too! Awww.

Baby chicks taking a walk through Sandy are just way too cute! I love how the NPC elf looks in the shot, like he's the chick's bodyguard, ready to beat people up if they get too close!

Making friends with other chicks! How did SE make these chicks just so darned cute? The butt-waggle! The postures! Eeee!

I met the friend for the third time today, so I got a story (Impatient Chocobo). Yay! Finally!

From a Besieged a few nights ago: Nif walked up and hit (my knee) while I was charmed! Darned PLD high defense and DRK low defense, our damages average out to about the same!

And speaking of damage, XPing tonight was exciting!

Not that high of a number? Well, when you have 700 HP total it is! Heh!

And lastly, on the way to go chocobo digging, someone asked me a favor:

Heh! Royal Cloak, HQ of Vermillion Cloak! Sure thing, I'll whip one right up for you, especially since I'm a leathercrafter! :P I cut his name because he was really nice about it, just utterly clueless. (He told me to hold on, he was going to get the ingredients from the Sandy AH. Hee.)

Digging went unexpectedly well, which was nice. Had almost no time and am totally exhausted (two hours sleep last night. Zzzzzzzzz.) One of my mules needs some commodes, so I went to the Jungle. Walked out with 4 petrified, 6 ebony, and 7 rosewood logs. But best of all, I was the only digger there. I got items nearly non-stop! Nice!

Zzzz now. Sleepy sleepy.
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