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The week that never ended (RL and FFXI and Pokemon)

I have no idea why, but this has been one horrible week. No sleep (okay, maybe that's part of it) and stressed to the point where my neck hurts (I've not been that stressed since my high school or college days). I suppose it's time to schedule a vacation at work, even if it's just a short one.

I made more sweet and sour sauce tonight, but added the ketchup this time (forgot last time). I couldn't taste a difference though. It's a little thicker too, since I added all the cornstarch. Mmm, so good. Realizing that it has two-thirds of a cup of sugar in it, I packaged it up into small containers to hopefully make it last a while.


FFXI: Blah. Luckily I didn't have much to do, because I had no patience at all (and little more desire to play). Went to help kill a NM for a LS friend's AF the moment I got home from work, and then right after that ran off to help kill some other NM (Bright-Handed Kun-someone). Got a few limit points and some gil, but not the drop he had been after.

Checked the fishing guild to see what the rank contest fish was. Titanic Sawfish. A level 100 fish that people don't even know a good rod/bait for. One that only might appear on ONE route of the Manaclipper. >< Well fuck me with a fork, I guess I can't enter the contest this month. *grumble* I took all my fishing stuff and sold it or sent it to a mule. I'm tired of fishing anyway.

After that I had to dig. I haven't missed a night yet, and I'm not going to just because I'm a little grumpy. Almost didn't go to the Jungles because I didn't want to deal with other diggers, but I really do need more commodes, so I went. Luckily I was the only one in the zone again, so it was non-stressy. Got a bunch of logs as well as three king truffles (rarest item there). I really need to check and see if I leveled up.

Then I spent a couple hours idly camping the AH. My next BRD cape is sold only once a day or so, and I'll need it in four levels, so I'm starting to watch for it now.

Unfortunately back armors don't show, so it won't help me look any less ugly. I look like I rolled in ink and mud... What the hell is up with that collar? I had been excited about buying the Raven Jup-whatever (body armor) because I thought it looked good, but that looks awful. And you get to see my ugly boots in that shot, too! And look, I'm wearing tights! Armor is supposed to be metal! I'm supposed to clink when I run! Clink clink clink!

To end on a high note, here's a better picture of my bitty baby chocobo singing! Listening to music and eating carrots, that's all he's going to do. At least until I can shove his claws and beak into the ground to dig for stuff.

I'm going to try to get more sleep tonight, and maybe tomorrow will be better. The last nights were 5, 2, and 3 hours of sleep (add up three nights of my sleep and you get what some people consider a normal amount for one night! 9.9 ), and that's just not enough. Zzzz

Oh right, and Pokemon: My damned game has another bug. I lost in my first attempt at the Elite Four (I hadn't intended to try it yet, but I entered and saved by mistake), and when I tried to go in to try a second time, it told me that one of the Four is gone, so I couldn't go in. >< That's supposed to happen after you beat them, because you have to go to Island Four to find her... but you can only get to Island Four AFTER you beat the Elite Four! So I give up. I do want to find some other game to play at work though, because it does help pass the time.

Anyone know of a good rom site?
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