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Well, I figured out why I was so exhausted this week... My period is a week early. Bah. I suppose I should have guessed, because I only get that tired and hungry before it. The whole "hungry" thing is just insane -- I could eat a whole meal, twice as big as my usual meal, and still feel like I'm hungry even though I feel full. I suppose I must be craving something, though it doesn't feel like a craving. Just feels like I want to eat and eat and never stop. *curls up* Ugh, the cramps. But at least they're happening now, hopefully by the time I'm in the freezing cold AC at work tomorrow the worst of them will be over.

FFXI! Got lots done today. Digging was really good. I risked going to the Desert and it paid off (3 golds, 2 darksteels, 7 coral fragments, 2 wyvern scales, and 1 ph stone, along with the usual ton of zinc and giant femurs).

I did a good deal of crafting, including earning guild points (which I haven't done in ages, but I needed signing crystals). Made a brand new enhanced item (armor ring, 50 charges of def +8 or something like that), as well as a mess of my usual powder boots (flee enhancement). Skilled smithing a little more, getting up to 42.5. I really should start saving my darksteels instead of selling them, but I really don't have the space and maybe their prices will fall further by the time I need them.

Had to go farming for ice crystals, since all my pots across five mules will need them. Got a mess of them. Farmed for dhalmel hides as well (boring!) to make the special leather for the powder boots.

Between the scorp harness I got earlier and the new cape and ring I got today, I no longer feel like I'm not spending enough on BRD! :P

(Yeah, I always bid funky numbers like that.) I'm very much looking forward to having to keep my HP in the yellow! Yay for more challenges! :)

And boy, my chocochick loves me! He still has no personality, but hey!

I wish the SE programmers had coded it to use he/she instead of it. It really wouldn't have been that hard...

I finished the night with finally starting BRD AF. Tomorrow I have to run to Xarc to bury a ring (and pick up the next RL day) so I can do that fight when/if we have time. I need to do that before AF3, and I'd like to be ready for AF3 so I can tag along when we do it for Nil (a BRD main on our LS, he plays SAM in our static). Eh, I don't think Nil has his AF3 yet, I guess I should ask him.
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