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Edit: Attention! The finalfantasy11 comm has been deleted (because hkr continues to be the ass he always was). New comm is here: ffxi_advanced. For more details, see the comments to this post.


Would have been a really good day, if not for the end.

BRD 50 -> 52, yay! Even though we went to GC (hate hate hate that place), and on a holiday no less, we did okay. I had fun doing the crazy BRD 'keep one slept while other being killed' thing, which at least kept the XP coming in at an acceptable level, even when there were four other parties in GC's basement. Luckily eventually they all left (I like to think I drove them out by claiming all the mobs, ha) but we still killed everything as fast as it spawned. Was fun.

I totally love the Minstrel's Ring, and going /RDM worked out just fine. On long pulls my HP did dip a little low, but never into the red. Plus, /RDM gave fast cast, and so quite often songs would complete at the 50% mark. *drool*

Digging after that, which I rushed because I was wrong about the start of a LS event. Did a quarter in Meri Mountains, then finished in the Canyon because I thought I had no time. Got a single gold ore, which is at least something.

Weekly Eco and Escort after (about 900 XP from each). Was exhausted by this point, but idiot me went looking for my CN coffer again anyway. (Last night I made a trip through CN as well, one aggro-filled end to the other.) I cannot put into words how much I hate the AF quests. I'd pay double the price any BLU, COR, or PUP had to pay for their AFs, just not to have to look for damned chests and coffers. I've put an hour and a half of my RL time (not to mention a hell of a lot of stress -- stealthing through aggro is the thing I hate to do most in the whole game) just for the CN coffer. A million or two (or more) gil would be so totally worth paying not to have to deal with that crap. It doesn't help that I can only play during NA primetime. *growl/sigh*

So, while the game was mostly good today, I'm damned pissed tonight. Maybe I'll go with my original plan and say to hell with my AF until I'm 75 (or forever).


Edit: But oh my, doesn't this fan art make the night better! (Totally work safe.) Wow, that expression! *pounces him*
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