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Opposite of yesterday! (FFXI)

Day #3 of looking for coffer in CN: Got it! Yay! Now just have a key and coffer left in Castle Z-whatever (and my AF3 fight) and I'm all done with useless and ugly BRD AF!

BRD static tonight went to kill helm beetles in CN, and it was highly rough. Two gilseller parties and one roving trio looking for coffer keys were killing all the mobs. The camp could support one party, maybe two, and we were way over the limit. I was stressed and annoyed and there weren't even mobs to sleep while the party killed one. Only amusement was watching the gilsellers die over and over and over again. Get this: Whole party resting, rumble crawler spawns in the middle of them. None get up, sneak, or move. It aggros one, kills him, do the others learn? Nope. One by one they died.

Eventually we gave up and moved to crabs and they worked so much better! Fights were a tad long, but the XP was really nice and they were so much less of a danger than beetles. Hit BRD 53!

Even though I said I was going to give up on the CN coffer and not deal with it for a while, the stupid key kept mocking me. >< So I went out tonight. And yay, found it! Wasn't even in too bad of a spot. (The dragonfly room, near the lizard rooms.) So I got my ugly hat with horrible stats! Yay!

I only got two hours of sleep last night, so I hopped right on a bird to get my digging done so I could log out. Got three gold beastcoins almost right off the bat! Woo! Then some bots(? All similar names, all anon.) showed up, so I gave up and went to the zones around Jeuno to try to skill instead of dig for money. Wouldn't you know, the bots(?) showed up there right after me? >< So I went back to Meri Mountains!

A moment later a call went out to scrape our favorite NIN off the floor of Temple Ugh again. Heh, poor guy! So I joined the rescue party to save him. While we were there, we killed the NM he had been trying to kill (Berry-handed someone? Spawned with a rattle, I think), but they didn't get the drop they wanted. Oh well.

By then it was late, but I only had 53/100 items, so I went back to digging. Got one more gold beastcoin, and ran out of greens at 85 items. 85 was low to stop, but it was late, so I ended there. :/ 4 gold beastcoins are better than average, plus I was happy to get that damned AF out of the way, so I was happy enough to call it a night.

Chocobo chick! I've not talked about him in a while, but he seems to be doing amazingly well. He's almost always "extremely happy", "perky", and that message about being ready to absorb whatever you give him (forgot the exact wording). He's almost always listed as "quite sensitive, good with people". Today is the second day he's been sick though (in a row? I forget), but I don't want to take him off the 'listen to music' plan and give him rest, even for a day. It feels like he's really on the right track to become a digger!

I'm just wondering how good first generation birds can be. Can they get to be the best, or do you have to breed a "as good as a first generation can be" to another one like that to improve things further? And if so, where the heck am I going to find someone who trained/fed as intensely as I have? I'm almost thinking of buying an airship pass for a mule and having her grow an egg, so that I know I'll have a "perfect" breeding partner there. (Wouldn't be a total waste of an airship pass, I've been thinking about getting her into ToA anyway, so she can get a mog locker.)

So now, sleep. The rest of the week has nothing planned! No more XPing! Nothing! I'm looking forward to some downtime and some key hunting/skilling/hanging out with friends. :) Heck, even just muling. It's been 48+ hours since I've had time to log on a mule and get it to the AH to list anything. (By the way guys, on keys: I'll be totally and 100% happy to do Castle Z last, especially now that Nil is getting his own key there. Apparently I cannot just let a key sit in storage -- if I own it, I have to try to use it. So let's get Nai and Dani set first!)

If something is wrong/missing, let me know!

Castle Z: 1, me
Temple Ugh: 1, Nil
Bead: 1, Dani
GC: 1, Dani
Tree: 1, Nai (says she's willing to wait till we XP there, but I don't mind keyhunting!)
IC: 1, Nai
SSG: 1, Nai

AF3s: BRD (x1? I think Nil has his?), NIN, SAM (x2), WHM. Wonder what the BLU AF3 is? Maybe we can wrap Boose into the day. Probably Tharpy's DRK, too.

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